Anatolian Side Dry Cleaning Company

Anatolian Side Dry Cleaning Company

Dry Service eliminates the trouble of looking for a dry cleaner for those residing on the Anatolian Side. We get your products delivered to your door!

Dry Service, which has a service network in all districts on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, comes to your address wherever you are and receives your clothes and carpets. Our company performs dry cleaning immediately after receiving it and delivers it to your address in a very short time.

Umraniye Dry Cleaning

Due to the fact that it is a very problematic district in terms of traffic, those who want to meet their dry cleaning needs in Ümraniye usually look for the nearest dry cleaning companies. However, Dry Service picks up the products you want to have dry cleaned at your address through its staff at the Ümraniye Branch.

If you want to benefit from Ümraniye Dry Cleaning services, you can start the process by following the relevant steps after clicking the order button on our website. Dry Service officials come to your address, receive your products and deliver your carpets within 7 days and your clothes within 24 hours!

Kadikoy Dry Cleaning

Kadıköy, which is a very crowded district especially on the days of sports competitions, leaves its residents face to face with serious traffic due to both work and school intensity on normal days. Don't worry about your dry cleaning while it's already taking too long to get home or to work.

Dry cleaners are very important for those who are generally active in business life. However, it should also be taken into account that people who are active in business life cannot spare a lot of time for a dry cleaner. Dry Service takes their clothes and carpets from the address of those who prefer it, and delivers them to the desired address as soon as possible.

Kartal Dry Cleaning

Our main facility located in Kartal, one of the densely populated districts of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, offers dry cleaning, carpet washing, roller blind cleaning, tailoring, shoe shine, quilt and blanket cleaning services to all districts and neighborhoods of the district.

The leading districts of Kartal district are Petroliş District, Atalar District, Kordonboyu District, Yukari District, Yunus District, Orta District, Yakacık Districts, Soğanlık Districts, Uğur Mumcu District, Cevizli District, Hürriyet District, Cumhuriyet District, Karlıktepe and Esentepe. We stop by with service routes, we pick up our customers' products from the address and deliver them to the address. All you have to do is to place an online order or contact our customer representative on 0216 451 6 451 and create an order record. It's that easy!

Anatolian Side Dry Cleaning

We have good news for those who are looking for the closest dry cleaning company as Dry Service, which is known for its claim especially on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul! We pick up the clothes and carpets you want to have dry cleaned at your address.

You can fulfill your cleaning needs in many areas such as ironing service, carpet washing, curtain washing, home textile, upholstery cleaning, tailor and shoe shine through Dry Service!