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    Organize, düzenli ve sistemli çalışma; kaliteli ve hızlı hizmetin yanı sıra güler yüz... Daha ne olsun? Teşekkürler.
  • I would definitely recommend them to come and pick them up, they should adapt to the date and time of delivery, and the best thing is that the mold stain, which I said would not go away, will come out. Thank you

    Sevinç Temel
  • I gave them a white guipure dress for an engagement a month ago. There was the smell of sweat on the dress and a foundation stain on the collar. I wasn't very hopeful, but when I received it, it looked like it was clean. Well done

    Lobiya Amigurumi
  • I saw it on the internet and wrote a message on whatsapp. They got back right away. They took my clothes from home. They delivered on time. They stated that they would try a stain that was difficult to remove. I saw it when my dress arrived. The stain is out. This is what I liked the most. I stated these in the satisfaction survey made after the order. I really liked your service quality. You can publish my message. Thanks

    Esra Polat
  • You cleaned my roller blinds very well. Your staff who removed and fitted the curtains were very professional. You are doing your job well. I gave my roller blinds on recommendation. I would recommend it to anyone else. Everything is five stars in your survey. Your employees are amazing. Veysel Bey's interest was enormous. He refused even though I tipped him. “We are getting our rights,” he said. I should specifically point this out.

    Fehime Yüzbaşıoğlu
  • First of all, since you are the choice of my friends in my office, I had a shirt ironed to try it out. I really like. Then I had the carpets of my house cleaned on the recommendation. We were very satisfied. Our carpets have never been cleaned like this before. Overall I give 5 stars. Good luck

    Hakan Akduman
  • This service is great! I hate leaving my clothes to go to the dry cleaners. I think it is very troublesome and wasting my time that I need. Dry Service offers a great service and I highly recommend it. With the click of a button, you can have the service delivered to your door. The result is exactly what you want! They deliver it to your door. I have been using the services of Dry Service for a long time. I would recommend it to everyone!

    Ahmet Yıldız
  • I love all the services of Dry Service! I had a great experience at Dry Service, which I have been using for over 6 months! Super easy pickup and delivery at your doorstep. Professional, punctual and friendly! I don't think it can get any better than this!

    Füsun Uygun
  • Dry Service has been a lifesaver for me this year. Pickup and drop-off are always on time. Communication is excellent. My agent is doing a great job. It's always good for me to get very mildly scented detergent and very neatly packed clothes. Thanks to the reasonable prices and friendly team and I highly recommend it to everyone!

    Elif Bulur
  • Dry Service hayatımı çok kolaylaştırdı. Acele kuru temizlemeciye gidip onu almayı unutmak yerine. Sadece evde kalıp kuru temizlememi yaptırabilirim. Takım elbise, elbise, yorgan, ütü ve diğer tüm hizmetlerin hepsini kullanıyorum. Hepsi birbirinden harika! Giysiler ofisimden veya evimden alınıyor ve yepyeni bir şekilde geri teslim ediliyor. Bu şirketin hizmetlerini herkese şiddetle tavsiye ederim. Bu harika hizmetler için ne kadar teşekkür etsem azdır!

    Seray Bıçakçı
  • Excellent service for outdoor clothing. I trusted this business to clean my professional goose down jacket. Frankly I was very impressed with their service and knowledge. They gave detailed information about the whole cleaning before starting, which is a 3-4 day process. My jacket was delivered clean, preserving its original features while maintaining breathability. I will use them again to wash and refresh my goose down sleeping bag and gore tex jacket. Use this business for exceptional expert cleanings.

    Bilal Barış Akça
  • I've been using Dry Service's dry cleaning pickup and delivery service for over a year now and I can't say enough about how convenient it is. I recommend using Dry Service as your cleaner. Thank you DryService!

    Emre Kağan Onar
  • My husband and I have been giving our dry cleaning to Dry Service for years. Not only have we always been satisfied with the quality of our dry cleaning, but the staff is always friendly and quick! I recommend this company to everyone!

    Gülbin Akarca
  • All services of Dry Service are absolutely amazing. We are truly amazed by their attention to detail and customer service. If you want a dry cleaning company that truly cares about you looking your best, this is your place.

    Mina Gönyeli
  • Although I was a little worried about the cleaning of my wedding dress before the wedding, I preferred the dry cleaning service of Dry Service. When my wedding dress was delivered quickly, I realized how unfounded my worries were. I'd be lying if I said it didn't surprise me that they took such care of your dress on a day that matters to you. That's why we now use all the services of Dry Service and I don't think there is a better dry cleaning company than them. Thanks f

    Gülsüm Cebeci
  • Great service! You always meet fast and smiling faces!!! I have been working with Dry Service for years and I know best that it is a company that always satisfies its customers :D No part of me was lost or damaged. That's the most important thing!

    Abdülkadir Yeşil
  • I am very satisfied with Dry Service. I brought them a new jacket with lots of coffee stains and it was delivered absolutely spotless and looking great. My wife had similar results on her stained clothes. I highly recommend them!

    Faruk Elmalı
  • Dry Service's customer service and product culture match ours. While their dry cleaning results are among the best I've experienced, they are quick to respond and act on customers' challenges. They are focused on growing their business and meeting the demands of hotel guests. Thank you for this efficient dry cleaning service partnership!

    Orçun Hiçdurmaz
  • Dry Service does an outstanding job for us. Our hotel takes great pleasure in working with Dry Service and benefiting from its services. To date, our guests have not had any complaints about dry cleaning services. The clothes are always delivered on time and we are quite happy with all their services!

    Cahit Öztürkeri
  • First of all, they welcome me with a smile, because smiling faces affect people first. Thank you very much for that. Let's come to our work; I was very pleased with the immaculate cleaning, renovation, dry cleaning of the coat etc. and the subsequent delivery. I recommend it to everyone, thank you again, good luck with your work. May you have plenty of customers, have a blessed Friday

    hacer kazancı