Goose Down Jacket Dry Cleaning


Price of dry cleaning and ironing of goose down jackets. Details of the service you want to receive are stated in the description section at the bottom of the page. In addition to dry cleaning and ironing services, you can tick the boxes below for the services you may request.

Price for dry cleaning and ironing of down jackets.

Blood, ink, oil, grass, wine, etc. that will require special medication. If there are stains, you must tick the relevant box.

In addition to the dry cleaning and ironing service you will receive, you can choose the tailoring and alteration work you want to have done by ticking the boxes.

If you request gentle cleaning of elite or luxury products of world brands, the box you need to tick is also stated.

If you request Dry Service, we can record the entire process from the purchase of your product from your address to its delivery to you.

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