Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have you do this when I can wash my carpets myself?
No two rugs are the same when dirty. A professional has the knowledge, training, expertise and equipment needed for every situation. We will determine the right method and technique for multi-carpet and upholstery care and complete the job professionally and efficiently.
Do you guarantee that all stains can be removed in the carpet cleaning process?
The type of stain, the use of consumer-based stain removers, the length of time they are there, and the type of carpet yarn all affect stain removal results. We can remove most stains, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will always be removed. We will do whatever it takes to achieve the best results, and most likely if we can't remove the stain, no one will either.
Can I get information about tailor service?
Certainly. We work with the best tailors of the region on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. All processes are carried out in Dry Service facilities. Therefore, you can take advantage of this service with peace of mind.
How can I get tailor service?
In general, our tailor service is one of the side services preferred by many of our customers who use our dry cleaning service. Sewing, cutting, trouser leg length adjustment, button breaks, pulling and sagging problems, etc. of the dresses you send to us. You can make all kinds of repairs. All you have to do is leave a note about the process to be done on your garment or if you have trouser leg adjustment, mark it with a needle and deliver it to us. It's that easy!
Do you have a rehearsal facility in your facilities?
You can rehearse at our main branches. For this, it is enough to call us before you come. However, in case you request a rehearsal at your home/work for pick-up orders from the address, 100 TL, the tailor's service fee, is added to the tailoring service fee to be made.
I want to take advantage of the shoeshine service. Can you give me information about this?
Certainly. Dry Service, we provide service with our team that is professional in shoe maintenance and modification. Regardless of the type and brand of your shoes, we apply very comprehensive processes such as sewing, gluing, painting, polishing and modification.