Your Closest Carpet Cleaning Company Dry Service!

Your Closest Carpet Cleaning Company Dry Service!

Stop looking for the nearest carpet cleaning company to have your carpets washed. Dry Service comes to your address and receives your carpets. Contact us now for more information!

Why is Dry Cleaning Important for Carpets?

Carpets can get dirty very easily, especially in homes where pets or small children are present. Since pets often shed a lot, it's easy to tell that these hairs are accumulating on your carpets, even if you don't realize it.

In houses with small children, it is possible to say that the food crumbs spread to the carpets a lot. Food crumbs can cause both the carpet to lose its color and the formation of insects over time. Therefore, it is extremely important that the carpets are clean.

Latest Technological Methods in Carpet Cleaning

Dry Service provides deep cleaning service for your carpets with its expert staff. Keeping the carpets clean is also important for keeping the air of the house clean. With each step taken, the bacteria and dust on your carpets rise and mix into the air, even if you don't realize it.

Since carpets are produced from many different fabrics and materials, it is extremely important to be sensitive when performing carpet washing processes. Dry Service; From flush carpets to silk carpets, from Chinese carpets to woolen carpets, it works carefully in the cleaning of carpets in many models and ensures that your carpets become the first day.

The Final Solution for Dirt Collected Carpets!

It is known by everyone that some carpets, especially Shaggy Carpet Models, collect much more dust and bacteria due to their structure. Since these carpets are also sensitive, it is extremely important to be careful not to damage the carpets.

Dry Service does not use soaps that can damage your carpets, as it fulfills the requirements of dry cleaning processes during the washing process of your carpets. Optionally, you can also benefit from steam washing technology and make your carpets much cleaner.

Nearest Carpet Cleaning Company

Dry Service; It comes to your address for your clothes, roller blinds and zebra curtains and carpets. We start the cleaning process right after your carpets are received, and we deliver your carpets to you as they were on the first day in just one week.