You are not alone in cleaning with Dry Service!

You are not alone in cleaning with Dry Service!

The number one key to creating an impressive atmosphere for both your personal appearance and the appearance of your home or other places is to be clean and meticulous. Meet the unique cleaning approach of Dry Service that is carried to your home.

Carpet Cleaning with Latest Technology Tools

If you have a small carpet in your home, keep in mind that this carpet is an important figure for the interpretation of the environment. There are many factors that can cause carpets to become dirty.

While pile carpets pass dust and stains between their feathers, carpets with a harder structure lose their impressiveness as their colors fade over time. Contact us now and we'll come to your home and pick up your carpet. After the cleaning process we will carry out with the latest technology tools, we will deliver your carpet to your address one week after you receive it.

Don't Forget Seat Cleaning!

Armchairs, which have an important place in homes and workplaces for daily use, share a great time we spend in our living spaces with us. The seats, which can get dirty very easily because they are used a lot, lose their impressiveness by getting dusty when not used much.

Get rid of stains on your seats thanks to Dry Service's superior service approach. Dry Service officials come to your home and clean your seat in a short time with the latest technology equipment. The state-of-the-art materials preferred by our expert team ensure that your seats regain their original state.

Meet the Steam Cleaner Technology!

Steam cleaner technology, which is one of the biggest revolutions in dry cleaning, is a savior for your clothes that are exposed to dirt or stains due to many external factors. Steam dry cleaning technology, which can be used for all kinds of clothing and textile products, plays a savior role for many of your products, from quilts to duvet covers, from blankets to curtains.

If you want your clothes and clothes that you keep for your best days to be as clean as the first day, you can take advantage of steam dry cleaning. We will come and pick up your clothes and other textile products to your address, and we will deliver them to your address within 24 hours after high dry cleaning. If you want to get more information, you can contact us immediately via our Whatsapp line.