What is Dry Cleaning?

What is Dry Cleaning?

Although dry cleaning is known as a process performed dry due to its name, in fact, liquids are used in the dry cleaning machine. However, the absence of water in these liquids has caused the process to be called dry cleaning.

Stain Removal with Dry Cleaning

The most effective solution for stained clothes and dresses worldwide is known as dry cleaning. Dry cleaning operations performed after the preliminary stain removal intervention are known as the definitive solution. It is very important to trust the experts of the dry cleaning business to approach the stains with a definitive solution.

Especially in the internet environment where there is a lot of information pollution, you can come across recommendations such as salt, lemon, cologne to remove some stains. However, these procedures are not always valid. If you try to remove stains with different tools such as vinegar, lemon, salt, cologne before dry cleaning, this will reduce the success of the dry cleaning process. That's why dry cleaning experts recommend that you trust people who are skilled in dealing with stains.

Importance of Dry Cleaning and Product Care Symbols

There are suggestions on washing methods in many textile products. It is very important to pay attention to product care symbols, especially when cleaning sensitive products such as fiber and cotton. The washing machine should not be used for the cleaning of the textile products with the phrase “Dry Clean Only” and dry cleaning processes should be carried out for the cleaning of these products.

Dry cleaning specialists subject fabrics to many classifications according to their sensitivity and reactivity before performing dry cleaning operations. This classification, which is very difficult to perform in the home environment, has a vital importance for your textile products. Dry cleaning after classification is one of the best methods for stubborn stains.

Steam Operations

One of the best methods that can be used for sensitive textile products is the steam cleaning method. It is extremely easy to remove stains in steam cleaning methods where chemical drugs, lime-free and softened water are used.

Steam cleaning method, which is one of the best ways to be preferred against stubborn stains, shows a sensitive approach for the health of your textile products. For detailed information, you can send a message to our Whatsapp line, and you can follow our social media addresses for the topics you are curious about.