How to Dry Clean?

How to Dry Clean?

Dry cleaning is carried out with professional cleaning products and a dry cleaning machine after a sensitivity classification for the product to be cleaned.

How to Dry Clean the Quilt?

Since duvets are home textile products used every day, they take a very short time to get dirty. Although the use of quilts from time to time occurs with a quilt cover, the situation is generally not the same for ready-made quilts. For this reason, it is very difficult to find a convincing method for cleaning after the quilt gets dirty and worn over time.

You can benefit from Dry Service's sensitive dry cleaning services for quilt models that are not suitable for various types of washing machines, such as fiber, cotton, wool, down. Especially in winter, your quilts will deteriorate and become dirty due to the lack of air in your bedroom. In this case, Dry Service experts will find a solution for your quilts with sensitive cleaning products and a dry cleaning machine.

Pillow Dry Cleaning

Pillows are another home textile product that is in constant use. Since people generally prefer to wash their hair when they wake up in the morning, it is easy to get dirty pillows used at night. For those who do not prefer to use pillows with pillowcases, pillows should be regularly dry cleaned and professionally cleaned.

Dry Service; It provides deep sensitive cleaning services for pillow models manufactured with different materials such as cotton, wool, fiber and bird feathers, and ensures that these products, which must be absolutely clean for your health, are disinfected.

Bed Cover Set Dry Cleaning

Although bedspreads are generally products that do not find a place in active use and are used for decoration, the purpose of use of these products is to ensure that textile products such as quilts, blankets and pillows are not contaminated. For this reason, it is much easier for bedspreads to be exposed to factors such as dirt and dust.

Duvet Cover Set Dry Cleaning

Bed linens are usually made of materials that can deteriorate in the washing machine. For this reason, it is essential to get professional support from dry cleaning companies for the cleaning of bedding sets. Dry Service, which performs deep cleaning by taking a very sensitive approach to your home textile products, takes delivery of your products that you want to have dry cleaning at your address.