How Do We Do Duvet Dry Cleaning?

How Do We Do Duvet Dry Cleaning?

We clean home textile products, which are important needs in our lives, such as quilts, blankets and pillows, with precision, taking into account the sensitivity required by individuality.

Dry Service washes all home textile products individually in industrial washing machines. We do not wash more than one quilt in one machine. We respect your privacy and wash your duvets, blankets and pillows individually for hygienic purposes, without allowing them to come into contact with other people's products.

We clean all types of wool, cotton, fiber and goose down quilts and pillows with special machines and equipment. We wash the products carefully, in accordance with the sensitivity level and washing instructions, taking into account your allergic condition.

Dry Service offers you a level of duvet, pillow and blanket washing experience you have never experienced before. We promise you the best results with our sensitivity in washing home textiles and the quality of the machinery, equipment and detergents we use.

To benefit from Dry Service Dry Cleaning's home textile services, you can visit our branches, create an order registration on our website, place an order via Whatsapp or call us at 0850 259 22 44.