Dry Service Seat Cleaning

Dry Service Seat Cleaning

Dry Service, which is with you in many areas from carpet washing to curtain washing, from washing home textile products to your tailor work, revolutionizes dry cleaning. Contact us now to have your seats cleaned!

Deep Seat Cleaning

Our in-depth professional dry furniture cleaning removes dirt without damaging your furniture. Our cleaning tools work deeply and gently. Dry Service's certified cleaning experts will inspect your furniture and ensure that the conditions required to clean your leather surface in the best way possible. Dry Service's cleaning products contain special emollients that restore the skin's elasticity and replenish its natural oils. These products not only renew the beauty of your furniture, but also extend its life.

Sofa and Chair Cleaning

Sofas are becoming a lot of dirt, although they are often not noticed by babies or pets. Especially in homes with pets, frequent sticking of hairs to the seats will cause your seats to look very dirty over time.

Cleaning the chairs is very important as well as the cleaning of the seats. The chairs, which are usually found at the dining tables, can easily get dirty. Chairs and armchairs that fade over time and lose their old appearance need qualified cleaning. Our dry cleaning experts work with precision to deep clean upholstery and chairs.

Prefer Dry Service for Mattress Cleaning!

Mattresses that are in continuous use and that are not ventilated, especially in winter, can easily get dirty. In the traditional way, the beds were made regularly and the wool inside was cleaned and ventilated. However, we can say that this is not possible today. It has become a necessity to meet the cleaning needs here.

Dry Service, which performs dry mattress cleaning very sensitively, ensures that your mattress is as clean as the first day. Dry Service, which provides an attentive service for both single beds and double beds, provides deep cleaning of your beds with its corporate service approach.

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