Dry Cleaning at Sisli

Dry Cleaning at Sisli

Your Nearest Dry Cleaning

Dry Service, the largest company in the innovation and technological adaptation of the dry cleaning industry in Istanbul, brings its nearest branch to your door.

You can now get Dry Service services from your door. You can benefit from our services via our website www.dryservice.com.tr or by downloading our application from Apple Store and Play Store.

Dry Service comes to your address, picks up your order from your door, in accordance with the order record you create online, cleans it and delivers it to your address as soon as possible.

We Do Not Take Prepayment For Online Orders.

Dry Service does not take online payments for orders you place through the website and application.

You can make the payment via cash, credit card or EFT-transfer while our valets deliver your cleaned products.

By placing an order through our website or application, you create a request by specifying the type of service you want to receive, your products, your address, and the delivery time. In this regard, your order is picked up from your address, cleaned within the framework you specify, and your products are delivered to your door in a packaged form.

Why is Dry Service Different?

Dry Service, as a company that provides services entirely with its own facilities and capabilities, differentiates itself positively from other dry cleaning companies that provide services in network networks.

While other companies have the orders placed on their mobile systems executed by low-volume local businesses that do not have technological means on the basis of cheap price / quality because they do not have their own facilities, Dry Service carries out the products of its customers in its own facilities, with its own staff, in the most equipped facilities, with a camera recording. It cleans with the principle. Dry Service aims for 100% customer satisfaction with this unique service it offers.

Dry Service Privileged Services

With its widespread service network in Istanbul, Dry Service offers all dry cleaning, ironing, curtain washing, roller blind cleaning, cleaning of home textile products such as quilts and blankets, carpet washing, ecological carpet cleaning, tailoring, renovation, sneaker cleaning and shoe shine services.

Sisli Dry Cleaning

Dry Service offers dry cleaning, carpet washing, curtain cleaning, tailor and shoe shine services to its customers in all districts of Şişli, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, between 21.00-23.59.

19 May in Şişli, Bozkurt, Cumhuriyet, Duatepe, Ergenekon, Esentepe, Eskişehir, Fulya, Feriköy, Gülbahar, Halaskargazi, Halide Edip Adıvar, Halil Rıfat Paşa, Harbiye, İnönü, İzzetpaşa, Kaptanpaşa, Kuştepe, Mahmut Şevket Paşa, Mecidiyeköy, Merkez, Meşrutiyet, Paşa, Teşvikiye, Yayla Districts are within the scope of our dry cleaning network and you can place an order via www.dryservice.com.tr.