Closest Dry Cleaning Anywhere: Dry Service!

Closest Dry Cleaning Anywhere: Dry Service!

You no longer have to worry about your dry cleaning processes. Let's pick up your clothes and carpets from your address, and send them to your address immediately after cleaning.

Dry Service, which has changed the understanding of dry cleaning in Turkey with its nine different branches, is ending the era of having to go to the trouble for your clothes that cannot be washed in the washing machine, thanks to the orders you can create on the website. Dry Service, where you can have your carpets and clothes dry cleaned at very reasonable costs, takes your clothes and carpets from your door and delivers them back to you after washing.

Very Short Time Delivery!

Dry Service does not spend a lot of time in the process of delivering the carpets and clothes it has received from your address to you. After your order is placed at Dry Service, your products are received from your address within two hours and the cleaning process is started immediately.

Dry Service, which ensures that your clothes and carpets regain the vitality of the first day with modern machines, offers a very fast service by delivering your clothes within 24 hours and your carpets within 7 days.

You Don't Need To Call The Nearest Dry Cleaning Company

Women who have to wear clothes that need to be washed in dry cleaning, or gentlemen who want to have their suits cleaned, no longer need to call the nearest dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning companies are generally applied for the clothes that are preferred in important organizations such as business meetings and weddings. That's why it's so important to act fast. However, thanks to the Dry Service, which picks up your clothes from your address and returns them to your address, you can now place your order on our website instead of looking for the nearest dry cleaning company.

Don't Have Logistics Problems to Wash Your Carpets!

When many people want to have their carpets washed, they now prefer the companies that receive the carpets from the address because they are hesitant about how to carry the carpets. However, many companies demand a long time for carpets to be washed.

At Dry Service, your carpets are delivered to your address 1 week after they are received. Our company, which has adopted a corporate understanding, is very sensitive about time. You can call our Whatsapp Support Line for any details you are wondering about, and you can have detailed information about our modern technology products and service policy.