Attract Attention with the Cleanliness of Your Clothes!

Attract Attention with the Cleanliness of Your Clothes!

In line with Dry Service's advantageous dry cleaning opportunities, let's pick up your clothes that you want to have dry cleaned from your address, clean them with the latest technology tools and deliver them back within 24 hours.

Dry Service, which provides services in box cleaning, ironing, home textiles and many areas; picks up your favorite clothes from your address for dry cleaning. Dressing well is always important, but don't forget that your clothes should be clean.

Dry Cleaning for Suits

People who don't wear a lot of suits usually use their suits for important events and send them to their place in the wardrobe for a long period of time. Even if you don't think you wear it too much, your suit is exposed to a lot of dirt in activities where you are very active.

Those who have to actively wear suits in business life know very well that paying attention to the cleanliness of the suit is as difficult as it is important. In order not to worry about the cleaning of your suits in the busy life of work, Dry Service takes your suits from your address and delivers them to you again after dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning for Wedding Dresses

Ladies who rent a wedding dress for perhaps one of the most important moments of life, have to return these wedding dresses in a clean way. The wedding dress can get dirty in the wedding rush, so it is essential to have the wedding dress dry cleaned.

On the other hand, ladies who want to keep their wedding dresses for a long time will prefer to remove them cleanly. In order for your memory to be perfectly preserved, you should prefer to clean your wedding dress through dry cleaning. You can choose Dry Service's specialists who do deep cleaning, although they are sensitive. Contact us now for more information!

Dry Cleaning For Your Special Clothes

Women generally attach more importance to their clothes than men. However, it is always possible for some clumsiness to occur due to humanity and for rain or mud to damage your clothes. Contamination of clothes is a fact in life, Dry Service is with you in the most difficult moments.

Contact us now, we will come to your address and receive your favorite clothes. You can send a message via Whatsapp, you can get information on 505 078 64 51